Betsy Knight 1938-2012

Date 02/23/2012

Today the Land and Water Legacy Campaign announced that the Land and Water Ballot Initiative has officially met and exceeded the number of required voter signatures to qualify for the 2014 ballot.

“This is very exciting news for all Floridians,” said Manley Fuller, President of the Florida Wildlife Federation. “Now the voters will get the opportunity to make land conservation, clean water and critical wildlife habitat protection a major tenet of our state constitution. The Water and Land Legacy Amendment is one of the most important conservation initiatives to ever come before the voters!”

By reaching the officially verified 685,000 voter petition mark in fifteen Florida Congressional Districts, the campaign has today assured voters they will have a voice in securing appropriate funding for land conservation on November 2014 ballot.

"A vast group of citizen’s and partner organizations have made the Legacy Amendment campaign successful in bringing this critical matter before Florida voters", said Fuller.

Please call Manley Fuller at (850)567-7129 for an interview or to get more information about this important milestone.

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