FWF Conservation Update- Congress set to pass historic RESTORE Act

Date 06/28/2012




Congress set to pass historic RESTORE Act

With just a few days remaining to act, the US Congress has agreed to support the federal Transportation Bill, which includes the RESTORE Act. The RESTORE Act provides that 80% of Clean Water Act fines, to be paid by BP and others for the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010, will go to the five Gulf states.  Without this Act, all fine monies would have gone into the federal treasury.

While not completely what the Federation had wished for, the final language of the RESTORE Act will provide historic funding for ecological restoration and protection in the Gulf, especially Florida. Unfortunately, the Land and Water Fund (LWCF) allocation, previously called for in the RESTORE act, and which had passed in Senate, was not agreed to by the House membership.

We look forward to the US House of Representatives and US Senate passing the final Transportation bill very shortly so that it may be sent to the President and become law.

Many thanks
to all Federation members and supporters of conservation who took part in the effort to pass the RESTORE Act.

Preston Robertson

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