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Mangroves Tops in Shoreline Protection

A recently published NASA-funded research study in which Villanova University Biology Professor Samantha Chapman played a key role has discovered a new, natural phenomenon that could offer an economic and ecological solution to coastal wetland protection—the spread of mangrove trees.

August 2017

The Sea Level Did, in Fact, Rise Faster in the Southeast U.S.

In a paper published online Wednesday, University of Florida researchers calculated that from 2011 to 2015, the sea level along the American coastline south of Cape Hatteras rose six times faster than the long-term rate of global increase.

August 2017

Florida Boat Companies Lose Millions as Polluted Waters, Fish Shortages Hammer Business

Florida Boat Companies Lose Millions as Polluted Waters, Fish Shortages Hammer Business

August 2017

Want to go green and save some green? St. Johns Solar Cooperative ready to launch

A new effort called the St. Johns Solar Cooperative looks to expand on those savings by increasing the buying power of residents who are considering installation of solar panels on their roofs.

August 2017

St. Lucie backflow fed algae bloom near Port Mayaca

FWF supports a clean and restored Everglades ecosystem!

August 2017

FWF supports conservation of forage fish to fuel the marine food chain

Captain recounts menhaden feeding frenzy, looks ahead to big opportunity for little fish this fall

August 2017

Florida’s outdoor recreation economy report

Communities across Florida recognize that outdoor recreation supports health, contributes to a high quality of life and—perhaps most importantly—attracts and sustains employers and families.

August 2017

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