Solar Amendment is Bad for Solar and Bad for Florida

Date 11/04/2016

For Immediate Release

November 4, 2016


Manley Fuller, FWF President

850-656-7113 (office), 850-567-7129 (cell)


Amendment One is Bad for Solar and Bad for Florida


The Florida Wildlife Federation went on the offensive today, calling for the defeat of Amendment 1 on the Florida ballot. As a proponent of solar power, the Federation hopes voters will not be conned into voting for this deceptive amendment to the Florida Constitution.

“Let me be clear. Amendment 1 on the 2016 ballot is anti-solar, said Manley Fuller, President of the Florida Wildlife Federation. The 2016 ballot measure is designed to mislead voters. It would do more to setback efforts to diversify our energy sources than any measure I can recall.”

Fuller was responding to inquiries from many who say they want to vote for initiatives that protect Florida’s environment. As a leader of the community that worked to successfully pass a previous land conservation initiative in 2014, Fuller addressed the confusion voters are experiencing in 2016. “The 2016 amendment has the same number as the wildly popular Land and Water Legacy Amendment that FWF worked so hard to pass in 2014. “The voters enthusiastically voted to protect more conservation lands in the 2014 election. Amendment 1 being voted on this year is a very different animal,” said Fuller. “In 2016 voters are being asked to vote on a measure that is cleverly worded to look like it is good for solar when in fact it would likely penalize those who put solar power on their roofs. We hope voters will reject such a cynical effort to mislead the public.”

Campaigns funded by the investor-owned utilities have recently spent millions of dollars to convince voters to vote “yes” on the amendment. Fuller wants voters to know that a vote for Amendment 1 this year is a vote to hamper solar power use in Florida. The Florida Wildlife Federation encourages Florida residents to vote “no” on 1.


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