We Need Your Help! DEFEND AMENDMENT 1!

Date 03/03/2016

As you are likely aware, the Florida Wildlife Federation was at the forefront in passing Amendment 1, the Water and Land Legacy Amendment, in November 2014. An astounding 75% of voters backed this amendment to our state constitution to direct adequate funding to popular programs like Florida Forever and to ensure wildlife habitats and water recharge areas are protected for future generations. Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature did the exact opposite of what the voters asked. They have used Amendment 1 dollars for regular operations instead of buying and restoring fragile lands. Due to the failure to do as directed by the voters, the Florida Wildlife Federation took the extraordinary step of suing the Legislature. We are now in litigation against our own publicly-financed government which has refused to do the will of the people.

We need your help. The government has twice tried to have our case dismissed and thankfully failed both times. As the case moves forward into the spring and summer, we need all the assistance we can get from citizens and members like you. 

Please help defend Amendment 1! If not a member, please join the Federation or donate what you can.

Thank you!

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Photo by Douglas H. Sphar.

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