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Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) and our members share a common goal – helping to preserve our state’s native wildlife, habitat and watersheds. Your garden or yard, large or small, can play a role in this effort. The spaces in our yards, neighborhoods, schools, parks, places of worship, even whole communities can become preserves that help sustain plants and animals. Even a small area can provide the elements needed by pollinators, birds and other native wildlife.

Gardening for wildlife means providing food, water, cover and using sustainable practices. You can have a beautiful landscape and provide these critical elements by planting a variety of native plants for diversity, having vegetation of different heights, providing water sources and maybe even keeping a brush or rock pile.

Native plants are an essential part of the equation. They are the base of the food web and provide flowers, seeds and fruits used by native pollinators, birds and other animals. Our native plants and wildlife evolved together and need native plants and trees to sustain their populations. Once established, native plants require much less water and maintenance.

FWF partners with National Wildlife Federation to promote the Certified Wildlife Habitat program. With a patio container garden, an urban yard or a large rural space planted for wildlife, you can choose to certify your habitat. You can even purchase a sign for your yard – and show how gardeners and landowners are helping preserve our wildlife.

Your application fee of $20 supports the National Wildlife Federation's programs to inspire others to make a difference and address declining habitat for bees, butterflies, birds, amphibians and other wildlife nationwide. A portion of fees also supports our work in Florida!

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