Pleasant Hill Elementary in Kissimmee is named Winner in 6th Annual Kid's Wildlife Habitat Contest


Contact: Diane Hines or Patricia Pearson






Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida has been named the winner in the Florida Wildlife Federation's 6th Annual Kid's Wildlife Habitat Contest.

The statewide contest is open to all children in Florida 12 years old or younger who have helped to establish and maintain a place where food, water, cover, and a place to and raise young is available for Florida's wildlife.  A third grade classroom at Pleasant Hill Elementary has cleaned up trash that had collected in an area on school property, and  transformed that area into one that will support some of Florida's native critters.  This allows other students to view the wildlife and learn from the activity.

A habitat is an area where wildlife can find the items necessary for them to survive.  These include, as mentioned above, food, either supplied regularly by habitat caretakers, or by native plants in the habitat that supply leaves or berries or the like that animals can eat.  Water, can be supplied by a stream or a pool or a lake on the site, or by bird baths or other water containers regularly refilled and maintained by humans is also necessary.  Then it is necessary for the critters inhabiting the space to be able to reach cover from predators, and have a place to reproduce and raise their young.







The Florida Wildlife Federation calls once a year for entries in the Kids' Habitat Contest, and presents an award to the winner, a child or group of children 12 years old or under, who have worked to establish and maintain a habitat.  The Florida Wildlife believes in encouraging the state's children to get outside in nature for their own health, and also for the purpose learning to conserve Florida's wildlife.

For more information on habitats, see the FWF website,