Date 10/15/2017 

Earth Day, April 22,2018, falls on a Sunday. Florida Wildlife Federation will celebrate Earth Day2018 on the previous Friday, April 20th, by again awarding a commemorative certificateand an age-suitable gardening book to the Florida kid or group of kids 12 yearsold or under who have helped to establish and maintain a habitat for wildlifeat home or on school property. The habitat will also be featured on our websiteand in our newsletter. A representative from Florida Wildlife Federation willtravel to the contest winner to present the award. Entries close March 31, 2018.

The Florida Wildlife Federation is dedicated to encouraging young Floridians tobe good environmentalists and to care for our native animals and plants. Webelieve that time spent outdoors working on a habitat project is of great valuein encouraging young people to learn about nature. Experts say that lack ofactive outdoor play and projects contributes to many childhood health problems.Establishing and maintaining a habitat benefits both children and wildcreatures.

It’s easy to enter. Just tell us how the habitat provides the following fiveelements for critters you want to attract: food, water, cover, a place to raiseyoung, and an element that improves and sustains the site. Send us some photosof your habitat, preferably with children working there. 

Teachers, please note that it is not necessary for schoolyard habitats to becertified by National Wildlife Federation or any other organization, just thatthey provide the 5 necessary elements for a good wildlife habitat. We areespecially interested in the science that students learn in the habitat. IF YOUHAVE ENTERED BEFORE, AND DIDN'T WIN, PLEASE ENTER AGAIN!

A description andphotos of your habitat can be e-mailed to [email protected] or mailed to FloridaWildlife Federation, 2545 Blair Stone Pines Drive, Tallahassee FL, 32301.

Email to 
[email protected] or call the FWFoffice at (850) 656-7113 for more information, if needed.  See our website at www.fwfonline.org under programs on the drop-down menu atthe top of the opening page for photos and information about previous winners,and the PowerPoint and videos there for general habitat information aboutwildlife habitats. We look forward to hearing from you.