It's easy to enter. There is no specific entry form, as each habitat is different and has its own good features. 

The most important thing to remember is that the habitat needs to have the four basic and necessary items to help our native wildlife who might need a little assistance in our state that is being developed so, water, cover, and a place to bear young. Food supplied can be berries on a native plant, filled bird feeders, fruit or other suitable edibles left where the critters can find it, whatever you know will add to their nutrition presented in a way that it is available to them. Water can be a natural pond or stream, a fountain, a mud puddle for butterflies, a clean birdbath with fresh water. "Cover" means safe places they can reach to hide when they are threatened. That might be a nearby tree for birds, a rock pile or a brush pile for lizards, an overturned broken flowerpot for toads. Places to breed and bear young can be shrubs and trees for building nests in, the correct milk weed plants for butterflies to lay their eggs on, a wood pile for rabbits to nest in. These are the simplest things, and many of them are already there in nature. Of course, there are many more elaborate ways to supply these things for our animal friends. Just make your habitat a safe and pleasant place for them to be. 

Then just send us an email or a letter describing your habitat, and how it is used by wildlife, and what the kids involved are learning there. Photographs of the habitat are helpful and best of all, when you can capture one, a photo of a critter visiting your habitat makes FWF staff yell "Bingo!". That certainly proves you are doing something right! Photos of kids planting things or working in the habitat are great. Small habitats are equal in importance to large ones, as small critters are equal to large ones in the balance of nature. Addresses are below. 

Florida children 12 or under must be the main builders and keepers of the habitat. 

Entries will close on March 31st each year. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Email: [email protected] 

Mailing address: Florida Wildlife Federation, 2545 Blair Stone Pines Drive, Tallahassee. Fl, 32301