Fish and Wildlife


FWF has supported the proper management of Florida’s wildlife since its inception. The Federation was instrumental in the creation of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission in 1943, and in merging that agency with the Marine Fisheries Commission in 1999 to create today’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). FWC is one of only two constitutionally mandated agencies in the nation.

Our interaction with FWC Commissioners and staff centers around the ethical use of public resources and getting Floridians out into the natural world, especially our public lands.  

We also concentrate on the preservation of the Florida panther and the sustainability of species such as the Florida black bear. Florida is home to more endangered animals than the vast majority of other states and particular attention needs to be paid to ensure their long-term survival.  

FWF has recently concentrated on protecting gopher tortoise habitats, a long-lived species whose burrows are essential to the lives on a myriad of other species. 

We attend FWC and Water Management District meetings to ensure the best conservation goals are supported.