Our Mission


“Wildlife is our Middle Name”

Since 1936, the Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) has united Floridians throughout the state who are determined to ensure that wildlife and our fragile environment have a voice.

We have been on the frontlines of advocating for the health and welfare of our native fish and wildlife, and seek to foster conservation values and ethics in all those who call this wonderful state home.

Our members are a wide-ranging group of outdoor enthusiasts, including anglers, hikers, birdwatchers, boaters, campers, nature photographers, gardeners, scientists, and all who appreciate our natural world and desire to save it for future generations. We come from all political persuasions: no matter party affiliation, we all only have one Florida.

We believe that we must protect, restore and connect our remaining wildlife habitats in a rapidly developing state. We must address ongoing climate change and the spread of harmful exotic species, both plant and animal, that threaten our native species. Moreover, we must safeguard water quality and quantity as clean water is critically important to both humans and wildlife.

We believe that Florida’s wild animals, fish and birdlife, are indicators of environmental quality and if properly managed can be a source of great inspiration and recreation. That said, wildlife cannot thrive where wetlands are drained, waters polluted and habitats degraded or destroyed.  

We believe that ethical outdoor recreation inspires citizens to protect our environment and creates conservation advocates. It is only by ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources that we can provide future Floridians and visitors with the wonderful environment Florida is world famous for.

We believe in environmental education for all Floridians, young and old.

Lastly, we believe that by taking action we can make a positive difference.